From long to short…..

Going into 2015 I knew I needed to change a lot of things. So to begin this journey of self change I decided to get a drastic hair cut.  Now if you see the picture I’ve included you will see how long my hair was. I have never cut my hair this short EVER and my darling stylist was shocked and excited to explore my request to go nuts and cut it off. Jen gave me a beautiful A line cut with my longest pieces towards the front.


When I went home and honestly looked at myself I realized I had left my old self on the floor with all that excess hair I had that was dry, brittle and easily breaking off. I honestly never thought I could pull off a short cut. But those were all hang ups I personally had about how I saw myself. I didn’t go all Angela Basset cut my own hair off like in Waiting to Exhale but I now know how she feels. I had held on to my long hair so much because I thought that was one of the few features of myself I really loved. But now I look at myself and I still love my hair. It looks fresh, light and healthy.

Have you ever given yourself a drastic change??

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My triumph over the black drink. My journey continues.

I’ve lost track on how many days I have been without a sip of soda. I would think I’m clearly in week three without a drop touching my tongue. I won’t lie. I still crave it. I would have thought two weeks after I quit I’d be good to go,  but every day is a struggle. I don’t know what in the dark sodas ( and I don’t want to know) that makes them so darn delicious and addictive. It’s becoming increasingly harder with the weather being so nice and hot. It’s the season of pool parties and back yard BBQ and of course for the common folks there is no shortage of the black drink.  I’m telling you my will power is taking a beating but  she is pushing thru. My will power is strolling around with a sledge hammer resting on her shoulder making sure I know there is no way I can give in.

So today I sit here swamped with SOOOOOO much work and thinking .. “one soda won’t kill me, I don’t think so, can I have just one and that’s it, it’s a bad day” but then I take a huge gulp of water and think, “this is what I want my son to drink” and recite my small mantra that is on my desk on a post in note “ water good soda bad”.

I’m by no means a scientist, I’m just talking from my experience and what my body is going thru. Not all soda has caffeine but the one I heart does, and with me not drinking it like it was going out of style, I believe my body is getting sensitive to caffeine.  I came to this conclusion because in the past I can have a soda at night no problem. I still hit the sheet hard, but on Sunday I had a few sips of coffee at around 6pm and I was wide awake till 3:4o am. Yes I said it, 3:40am. And of course I still woke up on Monday at 6am so imagine my horror when I put two and two together.

Also today someone asked me if I have lost weight, I said NO, I don’t think so but I know the I’m not bloated any more. And then she said that’s what it is, your face is less puffy.  I was like ok great thank you. I know it sounds bad but I know they intended it to be something good. Either way, small triumphs like that make me keep going.

What struggles did you go through while quitting something?