Last Minute Halloween Costume.

Fabulous news.. Halloween falls on a Friday this year! This time I was prepared or thought I was. Well my son and I went in September to scope out all the costumes, giving him options, make sure we find his size and finally reduce my stress.

Fast forward to Oct 27th… when I see that the school has sent home a note asking that costumes be characters from a book and non violent with no mask. Great …. That information would have been helpful a month ago when I got him a Power Ranger costume complete with a face mask. AHHHHHHHHHH. But totally understandable and this mom jumped on it! But now with 3 days left for this venture my hours to put together something is limited. I was a little stressed out I’m not going to lie. At that point I saw Rogelio (Jane Villanueva’s dad on “Jane the Virgin”- CW network) in front me telling me to “inhale, exhale” (in Spanish). After I’ve calmed and inhaled, exhaled I started to raid my sons books and we narrowed it down to his three favorite books.
*Aliens in underpants save the world.
*Charlie Brown is lost
*If you give a pig a party.

As most of you know the week before Halloween is crazy. The Halloween store is packed to the brim with last minute shoppers and the last thing I want to do at 6pm when I get home from work is make my way over with a tired Kindergartner to a crowed store to wait in line in the hopes that I find a cheap enough option to go with. So out of the three choices I picked.. CHARLIE BROWN.

Easy.. So here it is.
*Yellow shirt
*Black shorts
*Yellow socks.
I did purchase fabric paint to make the chevron stripes on the yellow shirt but this had to be the best last minute costume.




Allow the garment to dry for at least 24 hours before you wear it or wash it.

This year my son will have two costumes. One for school and one for our night haunts!!! 

Let me know what last minute costumes you have come up with. Like, share and comment..
Happy Halloween!!!

The wonders of the Circus.

We had the pleasure of attending for the first time Circus Vargas: Magikaria Extreme. Hands down it was such a great show. Just seeing my sons face as the magician did his tricks, or the acrobatic artists did there aerial show was priceless. I was even entranced with the trick and performances myself. My favorite act was the aerial rope dancers. Alex the trickster clown was also hilarious. My son laughed out loud so many times through out the entire show. We are still talking about the magician and his extremely fast changing assistant and the balancing tricks of the announcer. My son had the pleasure of volunteering his shoe for one of his balancing tricks.

The meaning of heading to the circus and sitting under the big top was literally what we did. The tents are erected and you walk in and it’s a right there all in front of you, the center stage where all the magic happens. All the seats are good seats. The Preshow event was also great for the kids. This is what a circus should look like. What I imagined when I was a child and was so pleased I could give that experience to my son. This was not a huge arena where there are 2 or 3 acts going on at the same time that you can barely focus on one thing, or your seats are so far away from the action that you don’t see everything. We did that last year and the excitement my son showed after watching this show was completely different. He could not stop talking about all his favorite acts to the point that he even knew what they were wearing. The fact that he will always remember this event to the smallest details. To me that’s what a show should be like for a child.

After the show we were able to obtain signatures from all the performers and get pictures taken as well. We had a wonderful first time experience and we will defiantly come back the next time they are in town.

Have you attended a circus show lately?


** this is not a sponsored posting and all tickets for the event were purchased by myself. The opinions in this post are strictly my own and in no way do I represent the event.

Sick of being sick!!

We’ve been sick

It all started with a midnight throw up season and since then I believe we have been constantly sick in my household for a month straight. My little one caught the stomach flu that lasted 4 days. Not the best thing to get and of course if the kid gets it you know mom is bound to get the effects of this great bug. But Mom’s don’t get sick.. RIGHT.. or so we tell ourselves.
Then you think you’re in the clear and your “ allergies” start acting up. Your head feels like a giant hot air balloon that is being pushed into the depth of the deepest ocean. Your nose is constantly running, and no matter how many Benadryl you take you still can’t shake it. About a week later you start to cough and then you know the allergies you were complaining about turned into a full blown cold. Your days are not so bad, well compared to the night where coughing has turned into an Olympic sports. Lets see how long you can cough before you throw up? Can your housemates sleep thru your nightly hack sessions? You get 45 min of actual sleep to wake up stuffed up and wishing someone would just cram a hose up your nose and suck it all out. UMMMMMMMMMMM maybe that contraption they have at the dentist office might work???
Took a whole day off work to just lay in bed and stare out the window. Yes I know I completely missed my opportunity to catch up on Netflix but even the thought of looking at anything was too much. So I laid there until it was time to pick up the kid at school. Then as moms do, I pretend I’m not sick and do all the fabulous things mom do after school ends.
So here I am two weeks later, feeling so much better but still battling with my cough and the green stuff in my chest. Ive tried it all; Vicks, ginger infused teas, air vaporizers even searching Pinterest for the best cough remedies. Did I mention I got this crick in my neck that won’t go away??

How has this winter treated you?? Are you battling massive allergies? Or the cough from hell?


Getting started right.. Goal #1 – Weight lose

My first goal is set to lose ten pounds by my birthday. Setting it for my birthday has given me a few months to shed the unwanted pounds. I think I’m off to a great start, unfortunately I failed to weight myself on Monday but the week has been great with my exercise and my food intake. I promise to put in a weight in on Monday 1/13/14 and use that as my starting gauge.
To get in my daily work out I have started to jog during my lunch break. Finding time when I get home has been difficult so I have to utilize the time I do have available to me. Even thought I realize my son is getting older I would like to use the time I have with him in the evening to focus on his activities, homework, dinner, bath time and story time. Any working parent could understand how precious the time once you finally get home to your kids is and how excited they are to be with you. So lunch time it is. I have started spacing my meals so I’m fueling myself every three hours. I’m still working on the correct balance of food so I don’t feel famished in the early evening. My main focus in January will be my exercise. Make it a habit and I will stick to it thru the whole year.

I’m my worst enemy when it comes to changing my lifestyle to be more trim, fit, and healthy. If I have to think about the food and working out I will possibly fail at one and then let the other fall out as well. If I can focus on one aspect then gradually bring in the other I know this will work for me. What I’m focusing on with my food is to cook at home and eat that. No more eating out, no more fast foods and no more daily coffee runs. Those things will only be a once in a while thing for me. What the past two week have shown me is how much money I can save by just eating what I cook and have at home. As a single parent saving money is essential.

Did you notice I did not say I’m giving up SODA?? I have tried this before and within a few weeks I give up. I get cranky I get ugly. EHHH I don’t want to be ugly. I do know cutting out soda would defiantly help me reach my goal a lot faster but I want that to also be a slow transition. As I’ve said in the past when I was younger I would drink 5-8 cups of soda a day but now I limit it to 1, if I even remember to get one. I don’t have any at home so that cuts that out. Baby steps!!!

A HUGE thank you to my Little Twin Star, Miss HR & Ms Bean for allowing me my daily rants, my daily exercise post, my daily food accomplishments and the awesome encouragements they supply every day.

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Cookies, Cookies, Cookies

Can we say busy holiday season? In a one, two, three Christmas has snuck up on me. In just a few days jolly Ole Saint Nick will come down the chimney to give out his goodies to all the good boys and girl. So finally in preparation for Santa we decided to bake and decorate some yummy sugar cookies. My little one was super excited about this , so was I since this would be the first time we attempted this. I ran out, purchased some pre packaged dough (because a baker I am not) and some icing with easy to use tips so that my son could easily decorate the cookies.


I have to say we defiantly had a blast doing this and they tasted great. It did take us a total of 2 hours from start to finish. My little one used his imagination and even figured out how to spread the icing all over the cookie. I did make the mistake of uncapping one of the sprinkles shakers because as soon as I was not paying attention my little one poured the whole things over his cookie. He looked at me and all I could do was laugh because it was one of those learning experiences for both of us.. We had some Christmas tunes playing in the background which placed us in the Christmas mood. Since we , mainly me are all the cookies already, we will be making more cookies on Christmas Eve so we can leave freshed baked goodness for Santa.


Next year I will attempt to make my own dough (wish me luck), but I think for our first go round it was a success. I have to give a huge HIGH FIVE to my friends who bake for the holidays. We only made like 15 cookies, but the rolling, and cutting and then decorating was a lot of work, fun since these were for our own use. But those ladies and gents that make then to give away, WOW, truly an art. My taste buds thank you big time.

Have you baked this holiday Season? What is your favorite recipe??


Give Thanks Walk

On November 23rd, we had the pleasure of participating in the St Jude Give Thanks. Walk #givethankswalk in San Francisco at the San Francisco Zoo. We walked 2 miles around the Zoo and then were welcomed to come back to enjoy the rest of the day at the zoo. It was so heartwarming to see everyone come out so early to support a great cause. We heard from current patients of St Jude and how with everyone’s help they are able to obtain treatment and support in such a difficult time. St Jude is a wonderful organization that ensures that there patients are taken care of 100% . Please visit to learn more about this great organization and to make donations if possible.


Together, we can raise money to ensure that no family ever pays St. Jude for anything. St. Jude is changing the way the world treats childhood cancer and other deadly diseases through its groundbreaking research — and we can help them do it. Because St. Jude shares its research freely, every child saved at St. Jude means thousands more saved around the world.

After the walk we were able to enjoy the beautiful San Francisco Zoo and my own little monkey was excited to see the Lions, Giraffes and Zebras.

What do you give thanks for??? I give thanks for the healthy child in my life, my friends and my family.

Did you participate in a St Jude Walk?


· All opinions are strictly my own and my participation was voluntary.

I have a Cling-ON!!

So my lovely son has officially become a Cling- ON. What is a Cling-ON you ask?? Cling-on, Velcro-kid, my shadow. Give it any name you want but my kid has suddenly taken to want to be with me all time. He cries in the morning begging me not to go to work and just stay home with him. He repeatedly asked for hugs and kisses when its drop off time at his preschool. He wants me as close as possible when were having meals and during bedtimes he wants to snuggle up as close to me as possible while he falls asleep. At night he will wake up and search for me in bed to make sure I am still there. (yes I’m still co-sleeping, different struggle) In the past I used those precious moments in the quiet morning to get ready for work, but now I’m lucky if I can brush my teeth without him waking up and noticing I’m gone.

“ Mommy come lay down with me it’s still sleepy time”
“ I want to be close to you please come next to me”
“ No Mommy I don’t want to go to school, I want to stay home with you”

A small part of me wants to do everything he wants. Sure honey come sit on my lap while we eat dinner, or sure I’ll blow off work to stay home with you. I realize that I can’t do everything but I have allowed him extra close time with me to ensure him he’s safe and secure. Because face it when this kids gets a bit older, starts going to school and is surrounded by his xbox playing friends, a big ole hug and kiss from mom at drop off might not be how he wants to start his day.

Some question I’ve had are:
1) Why did this start?
2) As there been drastic changes in his life?

The answer is simple. He started Pre-K classes in Aug and turned 4 yrs old. Not a baby anymore but not a super big boy yet. He wants to peddle super fast but can’t go so fast because the training wheels are still on. He’s coming to terms with his emotions more. He’s understanding concepts more. I’m noticing this more when I leave early some days for work and someone else drops him off at school. In the past he had no issues with another person helping him but now all he wants is mom. I’m the one constant in his life. I realize this. The good thing is I don’t see my son closing off. He still is great playing in social settings, and has not become shy or stopped talking, so I won’t be worried. I’m going to enjoy the extra kisses, hugs and together time we share.

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