Guilty as charged… I’m a co-sleeping parent.

Never thought I would say that. When I got pregnant I was so sure I would never let my kid sleep in the bed with me. Sure you can lay there but actually sleep thru the night no way. But look at me now , 4 years later and my monkey is all rolled up at my side with his foot over my chest and somehow his head right at the edge of my pillow. Any parent that co- sleeps knows the drill. You wake up your body’s in some kind of weird yoga position that you have no idea you could even get into. As you stretch out you notice your neck is stiff, your back is aching and with one roll over motion you end up on the floor because you moved so much to avoid waking up the little guy you wound up at the edge of the bed.
We all make the choice. For some its part of our parenting plan, some because it’s part of the situation you are in. Mine was because I moved back in with my mom and at the time I did not have my sons room set up. A month turned into 4 month turned into 12 months turned into 2yrs. My son now has a great bed that I would not mind sleeping on, a great room with beautiful framed alphabets and his drawings on the wall but he’s still not sleeping there. Of course I want my son to sleep in his bed. Of course I want a great night’s sleep where I’m not waking up every time a foot lands on my face. But what is stopping me. I know exactly what is stopping me. The fear I have of hearing my son cry for hours upon hours because he does not want to sleep on his bed. I’ve watched Supernanny, where they show the child crying all night until he falls asleep on his own as the parent just sits away from them. I don’t think I’m strong enough to do that. Maybe I’ll be sneaky at first and just move him after he falls asleep. But then that sets me up for midnight wake up calls from him because he does not recognize where he woke up. I would really love for him to understand that his room is a safe place.
I have set a goal to have my monkey sleeping in his own bed by the end of September. That’s almost a two month window. My son is on the verge of turning 4 yrs old and its time he sleep in his big boy bed. He has conquered so many milestones I know we both can do this one as well.
Are you a co-sleeping parent? How did you transition from the family bed? I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions.

Thanks for reading..